Let’s go to Jani cafe today, jani, even if you are not my jani.

No, not to Starbucks, Dominoes or Cafe Coffe Day, jani…

I start to visualize onions falling into my red shopping bag when I pay 80 rupees for a coffee here, jani.

Let’s go to Jani and order two teas and Irani biscoots, jani. These will cost 60 Rs at most and I will treat you kindly, jani.

You know I have a deep-seated anxiety about money.

But why should middle-class, middle-aged women not be anxious about money, especially if they don’t hold down full-time jobs?

In fact, I find it vulgar if women are not careful about money.

All kinds of scenarios flash by jani… she has a rich husband, her father sponsored her elite education at Harvard…Some of these leave me feeling more anxious than I am today jani.

Today, I am less anxious than I was yesterday, jani.

Today is actually a good day for me jani.

So let’s not waste any more time, jani.

Let’s go to Jani cafe, jani and maybe you can be my real jani.



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