Shikha Gandhi

Winter is a bit scary

Sugary treats don't help

Neither do the fried

Additives spew poison the weather keeps the poison down

In the bowels

No matter of sneezing

Warm teas


Or ginger helps

Guitars weep away

Let them weep Zephyr

When you are with me

I am free

I am careless

I believe…That winter is also good.

Everything is a poem

Yet people say i am not living

Yes i feel

Thus i live

I keep quiet

But the heart beats

In fits and starts

But still

The blood still runs

If not boil

Yes i am alive

Dont say i am not

See i walk


Though not run

I chase

I wish

I give

Warm tears

Don't blame if my tears turn cold

That is the quality of tears

Tears are worthless

Actions count

Slamming doors help

So does taking charge

But what do i do with the part that wants to see an old leaf fall softly?

While we thought time will stay

It moved away and fast

Rolling over hills

Spreading like spilt milk on my kitchen tile

When I was 20, time was my friend

It proved fickle

In no time 40 came and time was not back

Ditto with 50

Time proved an ageless runner

A red wine …

While we …

We are not time

I sit in the park

watching the tall man shadow move

The waning moon watches both of us

hide and seek, flip, taunt and hurt one another

If watching was love

I am aeons deep

flailing with eyes shut

looking watching sitting

while the emperor moon keeps a watch

Then I am a man in love

manned up

flush with testosterone

losing hair from the top of the head

while strutting with shoulders stiff in pain

a mere man-boy

a glorious muscle

and an organ that wilts

The God

He who has no heart

No soul

No brains

Just pincers on fingers

talons painted red

a sharp beak

bent like a vulture

pointed shark teeth

but a soft tummy

weak stooped back

a thatch of grey cunningly blackened

and expensive glasses over his mean, small eyes

All eyes are mirrors of the soul

his merely mirror a vast emptiness

a virus, I am told, has only one strand of protein

he has less

but he has everything

he has grabbed well

he is the god of some

the unnamed

he is the ultimate VIRUS in caps.